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About us

Ideated by a loving mother, Happy Kids is dedicated to a child’s comfort and healthy development. We believe that when a child is born he/ she should be given a womb like environment so that they feel secure and comfortable. Being a parent, I can understand that for all parents their child is special and they want to give them the BEST. Keeping all the aspects in mind we have designed few products especially for the newborns. We have used best available material i.e: Cotton or Organic Cotton material, Vegetable Colours and crafted with great hygiene levels while making the products.

We have this unique product "Swaddle" which is derived from the ancient art of 'Swaddling’ that involves wrapping your baby to provide a secure womb-like environment in a trendy and more convenient way. Along with that we also offer a new edge to the traditional square baby blankets, with an innovative venting system, which are extremely stretchable to keep your baby comfortable. It protects the baby from their own startle reflex.

This eases the baby’s transition from the womb & results in a happy healthy baby. 

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